File Optimizing in Photoshop

In this video mini course, I’ll show you how to take full-color, raster images, such as illustrations or photographs, and optimize them to make them as clean and sharp as possible, whether you created the art or it was customer-provided. I’ll share my go-to techniques for making images look their best, giving you the best files for production.

You’ll learn how to take a dead, lifeless image and add some punch to it. I’ll show you how to remove “gray matter” in an image, punch the saturation, set a black and white point in the image and finally sharpen it without harming any color pixels.

You’ll learn how to fix too dark or in-shadow images. I’ll show you how to reveal hidden detail in those shadow areas to see much more of the image than you thought was there.

You’ll learn how to fix too light or washed out images, as well as how to fix the color cast in an image with just click of a button.

Find out how to reduce noise in an image using Photoshop’s Reduce Noise filter as well as another third-party filter I use and highly recommend.

When you’ve completed an illustration or taken a picture, you may think your image is ready to go. However, by using the techniques presented in this mini course, you’ll find that you can take your images even further and make them that much cleaner, sharper, and more vibrant, resulting in a better-quality reproduction when you go to print.

Videos Included:

Introduction File Optimizing Introduction  – (1:12)
Lesson 1 File Optimization – (7:06)
Lesson 2 Fixing Color Saturation Issues – (3:59)
Lesson 3 Fixing Dark Images – (3:41)
Lesson 4 Fixing Light Images – (3:02)
Lesson 5 Fixing Color Casts – (3:27)
Lesson 6 Reducing Noise – (3:55)